Japfest 2012

One long year of preparing our cars…and one long week of hourly checking the weather forecasts for May 12th 2012… Well Japfest 2012 has come and gone leaving its mark on us all with sun burnt skin and clothes smelling of tortured tyres…oh yes it was worth it!

We woke up bright and early at 5am getting everything ready for the day ahead, We left are meeting spot at around 7am to take a slow drive to Castle Combe only to be heading into a long queue of cars waiting to get in.It was about 8.30 when we all parked and meet up, With three cameras, A camslider and tripod we were finally set-up for the day taking as many pictures and as much footage as we could.Okay now lets get into the action…A perfect example of what an Integra should look like, Loving the gold BBS splitsThe start of the s-body generation, You don’t see many of these around any more
This year the Honda scene definitely step up there game, especially with standards like this 3rd gen EF on some Rota BM8′s… Clean and simpleLooks like it had just been imported straight from japan. AwesomeTeam Japspeed getting ready to amaze the crowds with their raw talentThe first time the Kyouto Drift RX8 in their famous colours went out properly on trackOne of our favourites from the BDC, Mark lappage’s Acorn Motorsport Division S13Paul Smith in the Japspeed 1J S15 was killing it all day

It was truly the best Japfest so far. Japfest 2013 can’t come soon enough!

Here’s our video showing how awesome it was! Filmed and edited by Tom Anderson

For more high quality pictures check out our Flickr account: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjzrZZEQ

Castle Combe performance action day

Like most car events in the UK its usually very cloudy or rainy, And that was the case for this years show.

It put quite a few people off, but we held in strong and did what we had to do.

There was a very nice slection of cars, Ranging from VW’s, Honda’s, BMW’s to Nissan’s all in one event

The track itself was very slippy with alot of cars spin-in out. Sadly this Impreza couldn’t stop in time before hitting the wall, Luckly the guy was okay and there wasn’t much damage to the car.

Everything went on the track, From big powered Evo’s to old school MR2′s

Sadly we didn’t get any pictures from the drifting as we were hibernating from the cold in the car, But we got some while they were getting ready to go out on track.

That basically sums it up, It was a chilled out but cold event. Looking forward to the next performance action day.

For more pictures have a look at our set on Flickr http://flic.kr/s/aHsjzHSrdn

Japfest 2012!!

For many of you who own a Japanese car and are into the car scene, which also live in the UK might know about Japfest.

The biggest Japanese car show in Europe, yes not just in the UK but Europe will once again flourish with outstanding expectations at Castle Combe Circuit.

We, Laidback will be attending in two cars this year, One in an S14 and another in a micra. We are very excited for this years show as it being two cars also we have alot better equipment to share our work with you.

Please have a look at our very first video from last years show: